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CFA Level 1 Study Guide

CFA Level 1 study guide and resources. Since first launching Financial Analyst Warrior in 2013, we have helped hundreds of students go through the CFA Level 1 curriculum and feel prepared for their CFA Level 1 exam. Our focus is to help you navigate through your CFA candidate journey in order to become a successful charterholder. Our mission is to create intuitive, practical and highly applicable strategies to help you prepare not only for the exam itself, but also enable you to understand and apply the knowledge in everyday life.

CFA Level 1 Curriculum

To master the CFA Level 1 curriculum, requires the right mindset, the right motivation and the right tools. Our approach to CFA Level 1 study guide is to help you with that. The knowledge you get in our CFA Knowledge Base, CFA Level 1 Starter Kit and  CFA Level 1 Hacks will enable you to remove the uncertainty about the financial concepts required on the exam day.

Here is more information about how we can help you prepare for your CFA Level 1 exam:

CFA Level 1 Starter Kit

We recommend the CFA Level 1 Starter Kit to everyone candidate. It includes an article on practical exam strategies, an article on concentration tips as well as one of a kind eBook with top 100 mistakes candidates often make on their CFA Level 1 exam and our recommendation about how to avoid them.

Check out the CFA Level 1 Starter Kit

CFA Level 1 Hacks

A unique approach to studying for the CFA Level 1 exam. Our CFA Level 1 Hacks ebook will teach you the most important formulas to memorize before the exam day. You will finally understand the crucial concepts and relationships between different factors that will help you feel prepared and comfortable on the exam day.

In your CFA © Level 1 Hacks guide, each topic of the CFA® Level 1 curriculum is separated in to three components: Formulas, Definitions and Concepts. This enables you to understand and review the material quickly and better budget your time between memorizing and understanding concepts.

Check out the CFA Level 1 Hacks

CFA Podcast

The CFA Podcast is tailored specifically to CFA Level 1 candidates. In the Podcast we go over important aspects of the exam, the concepts to understand, the mistakes to avoid, how to plan your study schedules, and much more.

Listen to the latest episodes and subscribe on iTunes.

CFA Knowledge Base

Our CFA Knowledge Base provides valuable information about the CFA Level 1 exam in simple and practical terms. Each article dives deeper into a specific topic related to the exam. We share our approach to best practices, how to best prepared for the CFA Level 1 exams, our views about the changing financial industry, and much more.

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