Completing the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams and obtaining the CFA designation is not an easy walk in the park. It’s more like climbing the Mont Everest. It takes months (and sometimes years) of not only mental but also physical and emotional preparation and dedication.

Only through tears and struggles that most people really pass the three examinations and become charterholders. With passing rates as low as 43% for the latest June 2016 Level I exam, its not surprising that most people do not finish the program and abandon it altogether after numerous attempts.

Our mission

We understand that there are many other useful CFA preparations tools and resources available to help you prepare and study for the CFA exams. We know because we used most of them ourselves.

Our focus at the Financial Analyst Warrior is to help you navigate through your CFA candidate journey in order to become a successful charterholder.

Our mission is to create simple and very practical guides that are complementary to your CFA study toolkit. Our study guides help demonstrate how the CFA material can be applied in the real world with real data.

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Probability Concepts On CFA Level 1

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Monte Carlo Simulation In CFA Level 1

Monte Carlo Simulation in CFA Level 1

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