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CFA Level 1 Study Bundle

CFA Level 1 Study Bundle

Since many of the CFA Level 1 students were purchasing our Starter Kit and Level 1 Hacks Study Guide separately, we decided to offer a bundle which includes both guides.

The Financial Analyst Warrior CFA Level 1 Bundle includes our CFA Level 1 Hacks Study Guide as well as our CFA Level 1 Starter Kit.

Your CFA Level 1 Hacks guide covers the most important and difficult concepts of the CFA Level 1 curriculum. In order to save you time, we don’t elaborate on the concepts that most candidates already know such as Time Value (for example).

We recommend that you use your CFA Level 1 Hacks as a supplement to your existing CFA Level 1 books and/or Schweser Notes.

In addition, the Starter Kit includes the following tools:

  • Top 100 Pitfalls (mistakes) to avoid on the CFA Level 1 exam (+50 pages PDF eBook)
  • Exam Strategies (9 pages PDF article)
  • Concentration Tips (9 pages PDF article)
  • 2 study schedules : 14 weeks and 10 weeks study plans (customizable in Excel)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly.


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