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Episode #7 – Guest: Mike Carmody From PassedTense

Episode #7 – Guest: Mike Carmody From PassedTense

This week we are thrilled to bring you the latest episode of the Financial Analyst Warrior Podcast!

Our guest on this episode is Mike Carmody the co-founder of PassedTense.

PassedTense has developed a very unique software that enables CFA® candidates to use video lectures as well as practice exams to test and adequately prepare themselves for the CFA ® Level 1 Exam.

In this episode, we cover the following items:

– What Passed Tense is all about?

– How did Mike and his co-founder Ben came up with the software for the CFA ® exam?

– What is Passed Tense unique Adaptive Test and how does it work?

– The evolution of Passed Tense and the upcoming product releases.

We had few issues with our microphone when recording this episode. There is a difference in sound levels between our and Mike’s recordings. Sometimes it is difficult to hear us, but at least you can easily hear Mike’s side. We apologize for this technicality and we will make sure to fix these issues for the next upcoming episodes.

We hope you enjoy the show and we invite you to leave us feedback and contact us if you have any questions about Financial Analyst Warrior or the CFA® examination.

Click here for more information about Passed Tense.


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