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Episode #8 | We Cover 5 Of The Top 100 Mistakes On The CFA© Level 1

Episode #8 | We cover 5 of the top 100 mistakes on the CFA© Level 1

This week we are thrilled to bring you the latest episode of the Financial Analyst Warrior Podcast!

If you are currently studying for the upcoming CFA© Level 1 exam, then we invite you to check out our CFA© Level 1 Study Hacks as well as the CFA© Level 1 starter kit that features 100 top mistakes CFA© candidates make on their CFA© Exam.


On this episode, we cover 5 of those mistakes, namely:

– How interest rates influence exchange rates and how they affect the imports and exports of a country?

– How is share repurchase different from a dividend on shareholders’ value?

– What is the difference between Correlation and Covariance and what candidates need to look out for while studying for the exam?

– What is a structured note and how is it used in real life?

– The mistakes candidates make with one of Porter’s Five Forces (Bargaining power of suppliers)

– Bonus mistake

We hope you enjoy the show and we invite you to leave us feedback and contact us if you have any questions about Financial Analyst Warrior or the CFA® examination.

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