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Why Use Financial Analyst Warrior Study Guide When Studying for the CFA Level 1 Exam?

When studying for exams, we all want to use the best and most efficient resources available. The material covered by the CFA exams is vast and sometimes boring so any tool that provides a clear way of understanding the required concepts is welcomed.

We think the recently released Financial Analyst Warrior CFA Level 1 Study Guide allows candidates to learn the material in a more interesting and practical manner. Part of the reason is that it was written by people who were recently candidates rather than brainy academics. Therefore, we had a better idea of the vicissitudes and emotional upheavals experienced by candidates and knew how to attack topics in a snooze-free manner.

However, you should definitely not take my word for it! Just judge for yourself from the following example showing the same CFA Level 1 concepts as covered by the official CFA Curriculum, the popular Schweser Notes and our Financial Analyst Warrior Study Guide.

Keep in mind though that we are not suggesting to burn your CFA Curriculum and solely using our study guide! They are complementary tools since the official curriculum or Schweser Notes explains a topic in depth while the Financial Analyst Warrior study guide provides a simple and practical application of the concept that is easier to learn and remember on exam day.

Here is an example that was pulled directly out of the eBook, covering inventory valuation methods.

Inventory Valuation Methods:

As explained by the 2014 Level 1 CFA Curriculum (Volume 3, Reading 29)


inventory curriculum page 1

inventory curriculum page 2As explained by the 2013 Level 1 CFA Schweser Notes (Book 3)

inventory schweser page 1 inventory schweser page 2 inventory schweser page 3

As explained by the Financial Analyst Warrior CFA Level 1 Study Guide 2013 (Study Session 9)

inventory faw page 1 inventory faw page 2 inventory faw page 3

As a candidate, I remember I was not particularly passionate about inventory valuation methods and would have loved to have an easy method to quickly remember the impact of various valuation methods on the financial statements without having to visualize an income statement and cash flow statement in my head. This is just one example of the simplified and stress-free approach that we tried to implement in the Financial Analyst Study Guide.

If you want to try a different approach to your CFA Level 1 studying that is complementary to the traditional and inevitable approach (aka long hours of reading the required material + coffee + no social life), purchase the Financial Analyst Warrior Study Guide for a tiny fraction of the price of other study guides! If you have questions, want some extra info or if you have any suggestions, just email us!

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