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How to calculate Basic EPS (Video)

The CFA exam is in only 10 days which means candidates should be done with their readings and should wrap up their final phase of their studies. This usually includes reviewing the study sessions and solving truckloads of exams…

To help you with your review process, Financial Analyst Warrior will post some short capsules explaining specific topics from the CFA curriculum. We will try to include topics that are more difficult to grasp and have traditionally posed problems to candidates. Today, we will talk about the calculation of EPS from study session 8 in the financial reporting and analysis section.


CFA® Level 1 Starter Kit

We also invite you to check out our latest CFA® Level 1 Starter Kit.

We created this CFA® Level 1 Starter Kit to help you better prepare for the upcoming CFA® exam.

CFA Level 1 - Starter Kit

We want to help you maximize your study efficiency and avoid the most common mistakes candidates make on the CFA ® Level 1 exam.

CFA ®Level 1 Starter Kit includes:

  • Top 100 Pitfalls (mistakes) to avoid on the CFA ® Level 1 exam (+50 pages PDF eBook)
  • Exam Strategies (9 pages PDF article)
  • Concentration Tips (9 page PDF article)
  • 3 study schedules : 16 weeks, 14 weeks and 10 weeks study plans (customizable in Excel)

By using the resources found in this Study Kit, you will be able to better focus on your studies knowing that you will have enough time to cover everything before the exam. You will also the learn the most frequent errors CFA® Level 1 Candidates make and how to avoid them on the exam day. Learn more.

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