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TOP 20 Facts about the CFA program (that you did not know about).

TOP 20 Facts about the CFA program

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1. On average it takes 307 hours to study for each level. Surprisingly it takes 40 hours more to study for the Level 3 than for the Level 1.


2. 60% of candidates use third-party study providers to prepare for their CFA exams.


3. 59% of candidates are willing to re-take the exam in case they fail.


4. 6% of candidates completely abandon the CFA designation after failing the first exam.


5. Ethics and Professional Standards remain the second most difficult topic to study after the Derivates.


6. 5% of employers offer to pay a bonus is a candidates becomes a Charterholder.


7. The Asian Pacific region offers the most opportunities for investment professionals in the coming years.


8. 22% of CFA Charterholders work in the Portfolio Management.


9. Only 4% of CFA Charterholders work in Investment Banking.

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10. Currently North America remains the main location for CFA charterholders.


11. The Asia Pacific region currently has the highest number of CFA candidates.


12. Close to 160,000 candidates write CFA examination every year.


13. There are 200 CFA test centres around the world.


14. There are close to 115,000 CFA Charterholders in the world.


15. The CFA institute has been around since 1947. The same year the IMF begins its operations.


16. Price Waterhouse Coopers is the #1 employer of CFA candidates


17. Bank of America Merrill Lynch is the #1 employer of CFA Charterholders.


18. 91% of candidates fail at least one exam.



19. The overall pass rate has been steadily decreasing from 94% in 1963 to 46% in 2013.


20. One third of candidates decide to enrol in the CFA program for career advancements.




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