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Upcoming CFA Level 1 Exam Study Schedule

Writing the CFA ® Level 1 exam in December 2014?

Sharpen your sword and plan your battle with our downloadable CFA Level ® 1 Starter Kit!

Last summer, we provided candidates with a customizable study schedule for the December 2013 exam tailored to the number of weeks of study available. We received great positive feedback last time so we decided to update the spreadsheet for the upcoming December exam!

Get our latest CFA Level 1 December 2014 exam study schedule by clicking the link below:

December CFA ® Level 1 2014 Exam Study Schedule

We prepared again three scenarios: 16 weeks of study (starting beginning of August), 14 Weeks of study (starting early September) and 10 weeks of study (starting only in October).

We believe that the best time to start studying is in early August since you will have enough time to review the material before starting a new topic. We even included buffers in the study schedule in case you need to to some catching up. However, even if you only have 10 weeks, it is still doable, you just wont have as much room to maneuver should you fall behind schedule.

If you do fall behind, regardless of how much time you have left, do not simply scrap the schedule and “follow the flow”. Trust me, that never works! You just need to adapt your schedule but make sure all material is covered at least once. Do not assume that just because a topic seems small and irrelevant, it wont be on the exam…because it will!

We also think that all candidates, regardless of level, should do at least three practice exam, including at least one in realistic conditions.

Lastly, feel free to follow your own study pattern and adapt the attached spreadsheet to your study method. I was talking to a level 1 candidate yesterday who plans to start studying in August 2014 for the December 2014 exam! I told him he should wait since he will likely forget some of the material by the time we reach December. He told me that he needs to go over the same material a at least three times when learning new concepts. The moral is everyone studies differently and at their own pace, whatever works for you is the good way!

We created this CFA® Level 1 Starter Kit to help you better prepare for the upcoming CFA® exam.

CFA Level 1 - Starter Kit

We want to help you maximize your study efficiency and avoid the most common mistakes candidates make on the CFA ® Level 1 exam.

CFA ®Level 1 Starter Kit includes:

  • Top 100 Pitfalls (mistakes) to avoid on the CFA ® Level 1 exam (+50 pages PDF eBook)
  • Exam Strategies (9 pages PDF article)
  • Concentration Tips (9 page PDF article)
  • 3 study schedules : 16 weeks, 14 weeks and 10 weeks study plans (customizable in Excel)

By using the resources found in this Study Kit, you will be able to better focus on your studies knowing that you will have enough time to cover everything before the exam. You will also the learn the most frequent errors CFA® Level 1 Candidates make and how to avoid them on the exam day.


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